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Telluride Colorado


Kids Adventure Race

Each team will navigate through Telluride & Mountain Village to a series of check points, where the team must work together to overcome a challenge. | Who: Ages 5 - 14
When: July 25th
Where: Start at 9:30 AM at St. Sophia Nature Center

Must Purchase online at least 2 days in advance of event.
Day of registration will be at St. Sophia Nature Center
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Kids Camp is a full day program introducing kids ages 5-8 to the natural wonders of the world around them. | Our programs are designed to connect kids with their environment and develop a deeper appreciation for the world around them. We have full day, half day, and afternoon options, with programs for all interests.

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Capture the Flag

A fun Kids Camp tradition will continue this summer. We will play our favorite pastime in a special wooded course perfect for developing teamwork and strategy skills. ** This is a Fridays only activity. | Fridays Only

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Horseback Riding

This day-trip to the Old Sawmill Ranch in Norwood, CO, teaches kids about a training and handling technique known as Natural Horsemanship, which is gentler than traditional methods. Natural Horsemanship focuses on building a beneficial relationship between horses and their handlers. | Offered for all ages on these dates:

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